If You’ve Hurt Your Back, Know These 5 Critical Things

Back pain Physio Perth is extremely common. According to Australia Bureau of Statistics, approximately 3 million Australians (nearly 15 percent of the population), had back problems in 2011-2012. Even more startling, it’s estimated that as much as 70 to 90 percent of the population will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives.


Unfortunately, back issues do not always heal on their own. By seeking back pain physio in Perth, you can address the discomfort and pain that you have experienced for far too long. If you have hurt your back or have been suffering from chronic back pain, you should be aware of the following.


  1. Physio can most certainly help


As mentioned, in some cases, back injuries do not properly heal on their own. In order to achieve the most rapid and best outcome, physiotherapy is highly recommended. By seeking back pain physio in Perth, you will essentially benefit from greater long-term improvements.


Depending on your situation, both passive and active forms of therapy will be utilised. In many cases, they’ll be used together. Heat may be applied to muscles prior to exercise, while ice packs can be used post-exercise. Regardless of your condition, physiotherapy focuses on decreasing pain while increasing function.


  1. You need to be aware of your posture


Your posture can highly influence the amount of back pain your experience. As reported in a 2015 study, awkward postures are a preventable back pain trigger — especially when combined with heavy lifting. If you’re someone who sits all day or takes part in heavy lifting, you may be at risk for chronic back problems.


By improving your posture, your vertebrae will be properly aligned, reducing your risk of complications. The good news is, you can essentially retrain yourself, getting into a habit of sitting and standing correctly. Exercises can also be implemented to ensure stronger supporting muscles, depending on your personal needs.


  1. You should strengthen your core


A strong core will help you significantly reduce your risk of back problems. If you have had back surgery, physiotherapy can help address your core stability, allowing you to avoid recurrence. Once again, exercises which target your core, need to be tailored to your personal needs. With the help of a physiotherapist, you can target weak areas and achieve long-term results.


While studying short-term benefits of core stability training, it was found that physical function in patients with chronic lower back pain improved. When comparing general exercise and core stability exercise, both were equally effective long-term. When seeking short-term results, such as decreased pain and improved function, core exercises appear to be superior.


  1. Don’t rely on anti-inflammatories and painkillers


In many cases, anti-inflammatories or painkillers are needed early on treatment, helping individuals reduce swelling and improve their range of motion. The problem is, if you are only taking these medications without any other effective form of therapy, you will simply be masking the issue.


You need to focus on implementing tailored exercises and other physiotherapy methods in order to truly improve. When taking opioid medications for significant back pain, you run the risk of unintentional abuse. Unlike these drugs, physiotherapy addresses the root problem — treating back pain instead of masking symptoms.


  1. Recovery takes time


If you have injured your back, your road to recovery will not be an overnight success. In order to properly address your back pain, certain steps need to be taken. There are also various factors which come into play as well, such as age or weight. Someone who is an active 30-year old, will more than likely heal quicker than an overweight 55-year old.


Regardless, one thing is for certain — back pain physio in Perth will reduce your recovery time. Within one study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, individualised physiotherapy was more effective than advice alone in participants with low-back disorders. After 52 weeks, individuals with low-back disorders clinically improved by an amount of 50 percent from baseline.


Don’t put off your back pain any longer. Whether you suffer from acute or chronic issues, back pain physio in Perth can help you improve your quality of life. The sooner you seek an effective intervention, the better. Your back pain no longer needs to be ‘the norm’ — you can heal with non-invasive therapy and other beneficial techniques today.


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