Two Reasons Why Young Athletes Need Physiotherapy

Two Reason Why Young Athletes Need PhysiotherapyEngaging in sports and recreation activities is an important part of a healthy, physically active lifestyle for kids. The number of children and adolescents participating in organised athletic activities around the world is growing. However, injuries can, and do occur. The levels of physical fitness among youth are lower today compared to the past decades. Increased exposure and decreased preparedness of young athletes in sports participation has led to acute and chronic sports injuries in their population.

A child is not merely a smaller version of an adult. Children’s bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments are not yet fully-developed, and still vulnerable to injury. Moreover, there is a lot difference in coordination, strength, and stamina between children and adults.

Young athletes are usually asked or encouraged to toughen up and play through the pain. This approach often leads to delayed healing and return to sports, increased difficulty in treating injuries, and permanent injury.

Active kids who are into sports need physiotherapy care because they can get easily injured. Often, young athletes get injured either because they are untrained or unfit for the sports activity they are undertaking or skilled children tend to overtrain and push themselves to achieve high performance in sport.

Untrained or Unfit for the Sports Activity

Some children are untrained or unfit for the sports activity they are undertaking. If athletes are untrained or unfit, they are more likely to get injured than those who are in shape. They are less conditioned, making them susceptible to injury under physically stressful situation.

The intensity and fatigue of the competition can be overwhelming for less prepared athletes. If the sport season starts up with excessive activity, the untrained muscles, tendons, and joints may be overloaded, and therefore result in injuries. An unfit body is less able to cope with the repetitive stresses of the sport.

Even if a young athlete is in good shape, injuries may still occur. A switch from one sport to another can strain the muscles, causing injuries.


Skilled children are overtraining and pushing their physical capacities to achieve high sports performance. Often times, children who are participating in athletics are going to have cardiovascular energy to push themselves. Nothing stops them in energy and output. They are determined to push further and get to the next level.

However, overtraining and exposure to high levels of physical activity increases risk of injury. The risks of overuse are more serious in the young athletes than in the adult athletes. The growing bones of the young athlete cannot handle as much stress as the fully-developed bones of adults. If not managed properly and efficiently, overuse injuries, can affect a child’s normal physical growth and maturation.

How Physiotherapy Helps

Physiotherapy helps with injury prevention. It is recommended before the season so young athletes are in their top condition once the season starts. Physiotherapists recommend specific exercises that will make them less prone to injury.

Doctors often recommend physiotherapy for young athletes who have been injured from sports activities. After injury, physiotherapists work to reduce pain and help them resume their daily activities. They prescribe exercises that will help regain strength and range of motion as well as teach kids and families how to prevent future injuries.

Our Perth physiotherapists can provide young athletes with suitable treatment programme which will keep them in great condition so they remain motivated and continue to work towards reaching their full potential.

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