To Be Active or Not to Become Active?


Regular physical activity is important for good health. Although it is recognised to be beneficial, it comes with risk of injuries, posing great threat especially for people who are into sports. Basically, sports-related injuries only happen when people participate in such activities. The more people are encouraged to be physically active, the more people will be at risk of injury. And those who are injured will require medical treatment or may suffer from lifelong disability.

We are Meant to Move

We are all meant to move. Being active is vital for our overall well-being. While there is a risk of injury with whatever type of activity, the benefits of being active far outweigh the risks. Regular physical activity can help prevent a wide range of diseases. It can also help minimise disability and pain associated with these conditions. Lack of physical activity is a major contributing factor to many forms of chronic disease and public health agencies worldwide are eager to encourage people to become more active.

Injury Prevention in Physical Activity

On the looks of it, injury prevention appears to be conflicting with strategies that aim to promote healthy lifestyles. Simply put, more physical activity means more injuries. As the number of people reaping the benefits of active lifestyles, you can also expect to see an increasing number of them getting injured.

Unsafe environments, conditions, and behaviors result in injuries. But by far, the biggest determinant of injury risk in a physical activity is the nature of activity itself. In sports, contact sports have the greatest risk of injury. Personal history of injury also has a big role, especially in younger athletes.

The burden of injury affects not only those who are injured, but also people around them. By being aware and able to change and control injury-causing factors, most injuries can be prevented. For physical activity promoters, it is crucial to consider injury prevention strategies.

Increasing physical activity can reduce a modest risk of injury. The risk should not hinder physicians from encouraging their patients to be active.

To reduce your risk of injury it is recommended to do the following:

  • Warm-up and cool down before and after activity
  • Do cross training to reduce the risk of overuse
  • Apply strapping or taping to injury-prone joints before exercising
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking water
  • Avoid too much physical activity
  • If injured, seek medical attention and learn strategies that could help promote healthy or safe recovery

Role of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists, being health care professionals specialize in movement and function. They have the knowledge, skills, and training to adapt physical activity to the general population and to people who are living with chronic disease in particular. They undertake comprehensive examination, determine objectives, adapt personal physical activity program, monitor and follow up progress and provide further training, advice and monitoring if required.

The good news is that physical activity is safe for almost everyone and that the health benefits far outweigh the risks. We at i Physio Perth encourage everyone to be physically active. Our Perth physiotherapists can help reduce the risk of serious injuries for those who participate in sports.

Pain should not be a reason not to become active. We are here to help. Call us today at 9444 8729!