The Best Proven Way To Escape Chronic Low Back Pain

Last week I received dozens of emails from readers after sharing an article on How To Rewire Yourself Out of Chronic Low Back Pain. The key question was ‘do you have more info on the rewiring process?‘ – so the purpose of this article is to elaborate further.

The Truth About Chronic Low Back Pain

For over 90% of people with chronic low back pain there is no patho-anatomical source (which means surgery will fail, unless there is a strong placebo effect – on average the placebo rate is 25-30% for any medical or surgical treatment – but even from my experience the placebo effect is only short term). I have dealt with hundreds of frustrated people who suffer from chronic low back pain – they are searching for answers, wanting that magic treatment or surgery, and ultimately are in a vulnerable position. The majority of people do more research when buying a car versus studying the pros and cons of having surgery for chronic low back pain.

Surgery does work for a very small percentage of people (less than 10%) who suffer from chronic low back pain – where there is a very strong correlation between their symptoms, impaired function, and MRI findings.

People who opt for surgery for a non-structural problem (the pain is still very real) are highly unlikely to achieve the outcome they desire – it would be like knocking down a wall down in your house when you want more light – but then to discover there is no extra light.

Many findings on an MRI are simply a normal part of the ageing process, for example disc degeneration is a common finding in the majority of the population, but not generally a source of pain.

The Number 1 Reason Why Spinal Surgery Will Fail Even In Those People Who Need It

Surgery is what surgeons are trained to do. A well-known spinal surgeon has been quoted saying “in medical school I was taught nothing about chronic pain or comprehensive rehab.” He only performs surgery on a very small percentage of the patients he consults with now after learning more about chronic pain and experiencing many failed surgeries (long term followup).

Without addressing the neural pathways associated with chronic low back pain, the symptoms may be easily triggered or ongoing after the intervention.

The Chronic Low Back Pain Workout For Your Neurons

Nearly two years ago in London Tony Robbins recommended a book to me called ‘The Talent Code‘. It was more in relation to performance enhancing and becoming a master of your craft. But the same principles apply to people who suffer from chronic low back pain in a not so good way.

It’s a great book written by Daniel Coyle, who makes the connection between creating neurological pathways and recent research in neuroscience.

One of the key principles is how practicing specific skills in a certain way creates pathways that causes deep learning – which is the same as what happens with repetitive pain impulses and negative thoughts people experience when suffering from chronic low back pain.

Just as Lebron James deliberately practiced developing his inside game with Hakeem Olajuwan over hundreds of hours of practice, people with chronic low back pain become skilled at experiencing pain and negativity.

Conversely, the Happy Physio Method helps people become skilled at laying down new, positive pathways through proven individualised rewiring techniques.

The secret is in creating detours around the old neural pathways, ones that don’t include pain.

Every human brain is like a complex computer that is programmable – for people who suffer from chronic low back pain, it is time to start the rewiring process.

As I mentioned above, nearly every surgery will fail long term for chronic low back pain unless this is addressed – the same goes for physiotherapy. Physio for chronic low back pain will also be ineffective without this process.

It is crucial for those people who suffer from chronic low back pain to visit an expert physio – one who has experience with helping people take back control of their lives.

If you live in Perth, suffer from chronic low back pain, and would like to get back on track – book an Initial Physiotherapy Consultation today – call 94434991.

I am extremely grateful to be in a privileged position of helping people with chronic low back pain move forward in their lives.

Dedicated to Your Life Success,

Scott Wescombe

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