I started practicing Pilates pretty much the same time I started studying to become a teacher. I wanted to do Physiotherapy but my brain just didn’t seem to like the thought of going to University. Coming from a dance and yoga background I thought it would help to do Pilates. Soon after doing my training to become a teacher it became an addiction to teach.

I have my

  • Certificate IV in Pilates from Pilates International training Centre
  • Yoga Teacher Training 200hours
  • Cert IV in Dance
  • Cert III in Group Fitness
  • Cert III in Acting for TV and Theatre

I started of with teaching dance and doing choreography for weddings at the age of 16. I then started working freelance at different Gyms teaching group fitness and was also apart of the Jungle body tribe for a while where I taught dance fitness. In regards to Yoga and Pilates (both matwork and reformer), I have been teaching for 2.5 years.

To be honest I do have goals, but with Pilates I see it as an ongoing journey, where I know I still have much to learn and will keep learning. From the teaching perspective I do have the intention to hopefully move overseas for a while to gain exposure and then fro there I will simply go with the flow.

In terms of my teaching journey, I am at place where I am content. Although I do teach many classes, I am always keen to teach even more as I believe that there is things to learn from each class that I teach.

I love clients who are hard working, ones who are consistent and always putting in 100 percent 🙂

The only reason why I would stop teaching Pilates is if I lost my passion. I believe and have been lucky enough, since when I was young, to always do what I am passionate about, which is why I love doing what I do!