Alex is a happy, energetic and out-going Physiotherapist who has a passion for helping higher level athletes return to full function following an injury, and who loves helping all clients reach their full potential, becoming fitter, happier and healthier than ever before. Outside of work, Alex loves doing anything adventurous outdoors, such as rock climbing, four wheel driving, camping and mountain biking; he also loves to stay fit through gymnastics training, hockey, squash and gym. The most important thing in life for Alex is having and keeping great relationships with his close friends and family, and to always be HAPPY!

Alex is a graduate of Curtin University where he studied and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy. Alex has always had a keen interest in sports and exercise, and it was a natural progression for him to choose Physiotherapy as an occupation. Having worked during university at various hospitals around Perth, and for Australian Rules Football teams both locally and in the WAFL, Alex has an extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries and the importance of Physiotherapists in the rehabilitation process. After suffering an ACL rupture at the age of 18, Alex experienced first hand the effects of Physiotherapy, not only for symptom relief and rehabilitation of injuries, but also through improving a client’s quality of life through promoting a healthy lifestyle of exercise and clean eating.

Alex’s main drive to always deliver world class Physiotherapy comes not only from gaining a feeling of satisfaction from helping all of his clients overcome injuries, but also from being able to motivate and guide people into living a healthy lifestyle where their life goals and ambitions are not limited by their mind and body’s abilities.