Pilates Accessories


With busy schedules day by day many people who like a healthy body turn into Pilates. No limits of age groups, religion or ethnic tribes they all love Pilates. Pilates named after Joseph H Pilates who was the founder of Pilates. One of the most probable reasons to turning Pilates is use of Equipment.  They are quite different from other works out and unique to Pilates. Today use of props in practicing Pilates is highly developed. It takes some attention to find out proper equipment that help to your Pilates center. Pilates require a lot of concentration, precision, control, breathing and flowing movements. Using with a mat or using other props are the two way method to practice Pilates. The evolution of Pilate equipment is short as a century but rapid and constant. Today it is a highly specialized industry. They can be categorized into five groups, namely, Pilates reformer, Pilates resistance bands, Pilates Cadillac, Pilates barrel and Pilates chair. Every Pilate equipment works with a different part of the body so that choosing proper equipment require a great knowledge about Pilates and physical culture as well. Use of conventional Props is limited to personal works out and otherwise modern Pilate equipment are used by studios. However they all are helping gaining precision in your work out. It is important to use proper equipment in proper way and if not result will be injuries. Some of the bestselling Pilates work out equipment and props are introduced here. The cast in United States Dollars and are recent(2013).

  • Stamina Pilates pole 1 ea- $129.00
  • Fitness Em Empower Pilates Studio-MP 2768R1-$18.92
  • Zenzation Pilates Ring 12 inch- $ 24.49
  • 3/8” Pilates Aero Yoga Mat- $ 29.99
  • STOTT Piltaes Mini Stability Ball- ST06045-$ 8.99
  • STOTT PILATES: Jumpboard – Professional/Rehab – ST02017-$327.83
  • Total Gym Pilates Accessory Package -$500.00
  • Stott Pilates SPX Reformer Package – ST11010 -$2,499.00
  • Stamina 05 0020 Pilates Magic Circle – SP050020A -$25.16
  • Stott Pilates 2 lb Toning Ball- Blue – ST06035 -$12.27
  • STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Pro 12 Inch – ST06023 -$48.45
  • YOGA Accessories Blue Premium Pilates Mat -$24.99
  • STOTT PILATES Fitness Circle Pro 14 Inch -$48.45
  • STOTT PILATES Foam Roller Deluxe Half – ST06070-$29.92
  • Stott Pilates Toning Ball (Green, 10 cm, 3 Pounds) – ST06036US-$18.49
  • Cando Door Disc Anchor Strap 10-5325 – 714905000583 -$6.95
  • stott pilates boz & tone: jumping intervals w reformer accessory boards -$34.99
  • STOTT PILATES Toning Ball 2libra ( ) – ST06047 -$11.98
  • Stamina Pilates Magic Circle – 050020 -$22.96
  • Gaiam Pilates Toning Ring Kit – 0554255 -$16.59
  • Stamina Products AeroPilates – 554650-$79.00
  • Powered by Pilates Hobbies Infant Bodysuit -$12.00
  • Deluxe Pilates Kit – $78.95
  • Ymla Pilates Shorts – Men’s Shorts  – $35.00
  • stott Pilates(r) bounce & tone: jumping intervals with reformer accessory bo – $37.18
  • aeromat Pilates ring in black 37001- $24.76
  • stamina Pilates box and pole – $187.48
  • Ask Me Pilates Running Dark T-Shirt – $27.00
  • bounce and tone jumping intervals with reformer accessory boards dvd dv-81242- $35.42
  • YOGA Accessories Round Yoga Mat – $59.95
  • I Love Pilates Humor Baseball Jersey -$38.00

There are online showrooms and stores from where you can buy Pilates equipment. One of them is CafePress.com. it is an online showroom. Many items are available in this site and they are very cheap at all. YogaAccessories.com is another online showcase which offers you wide range of Pilates products at a reasonable rates. One another such company is Overstock.com. This site is filled with Pilates equipment which you are searching for a while.  Don’t forget to visit Sage Meditation. This store of Pilates items offers you a wide varieties of items described and categorized into five above. SwimOutlet.com is also an online showroom who offers Pilate props at very competitive rates. Shoebuy.com is offering your Pilates shoes and socks. Refer their price schedules for cheapest item before buy order make. The Sportsman’s Guide is a store with Pilates equipment which is offering you worldwide shipping facilities. iFitnessDirect.com is an online. Group on is your store for Pilates and yoga items and props. Maiden form is a store with minimum rates one can achieve in the Pilates Props market today.  Sam’s Club is store with many Pilates accessories and the rates are as same as many other producers. Sears.com offers you a well-equipped buying site and Official Bowflex Catalog is filled with Pilates items. Its pages on Pilates items are devoted to the development of Props industry too. Target.com in online too. One more store is Socks Addict. There you can buy your socks for Pilates in many varieties. LuckyVitamin.com offers you some additional nutritional items while Trekt Outdoors and The Sports Authority are offering Pilates studio materials in wider range.

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