Perth Pilates Experts with a Physiotherapy Background

There’s a lot of difference between training under Perth Pilates experts with a physiotherapy background and regular fitness Pilates instructors. Physiotherapists have long recognised the benefits of Pilates. It’s been known that Pilates builds a strong, lean and flexible body. On the clinical side, it can be used to retrain muscles where habitual movements are causing a problem.

Physiotherapy and Pilates

Pilates helps you build a strong body, and having a strong body makes you less susceptible to injury. It creates balance between muscle groups, lengthening short muscles, strengthening weak muscles and improving body function.


Pilates classes led by a physiotherapist offers the highest level of attention and awareness of each participant’s needs.  Having a Pilates expert with a physiotherapy background ensures that your instructor has a deep understanding of spinal pathologies, biomechanics and safe principles of rehabilitation.


Perth Pilates experts with a physiotherapy background are able to apply their treatment through Pilates exercises. This places them at an advantage over other fitness Pilates instructors that do not have anatomical knowledge and could set a level of exercises inappropriate to the need of each client. For example, you might engage your core muscles incorrectly and worsen that back pain you might have.


A physiotherapist who’s also a Pilates instructor lets you undergo a complete body assessment before starting Pilates class. A physio also knows which exercises are beneficial or harmful for you. During the session, our Perth Pilates experts will make sure you’ll perform only the right movements and assist you all the way.


Because a physiotherapist has a broad knowledge of the human body and biomechanics, you’ll progress much faster and reach your goals without putting yourself at any risks.


Training under Perth Pilates experts with a physiotherapy background allows you to use Pilates as a form of rehabilitation. They are very well-equipped to successfully rehabilitate an extensive range of injuries and mobility issues.


Physiotherapists can prescribe tailored exercises and strategies to help you build strength and eliminate pain. Their approach goes hand-in-hand with the principles and benefits of Pilates, which is why they’re more effective instructors because they can prevent you from experiencing further problems and injuries by retraining muscles that are weakened or misused.

Clinical Pilates

Pilates experts with a physiotherapy background can offer clinical Pilates, which is specifically designed for those rehabilitating from injury. It is a traditional Pilates-type exercise with physiotherapy assessment and expertise.


Physiotherapists adapted clinical Pilates based on research into the importance of core stability in optimum performance and, of course, in the rehabilitation and prevention of injury.


Here are some of the benefits when you choose to train under Perth Pilates experts with a physiotherapy background:

  • Your trainer is an expert when it comes to the human body and injury processes
  • Our Pilates instructors are able to provide better attention to your needs
  • You get more chances of gaining optimal benefits
  • You’re able to restore function that was lost due to injury
  • No more aches and pains
  • Your risk of getting future injuries becomes minimal

Do you have any plans of joining a Pilates class? A class with Perth Pilates experts with a physiotherapy background is definitely worth joining. Call us today at 9444 8729!