Perth Physiotherapy for Chronic Headaches

We normally consider physiotherapy as a treatment for wounds or muscle injuries, but did you lnolw that it can also alleviate chronic headaches? Although stress and fatigue might trigger occasional headaches, chronic migraines are often the result of muscle imbalances and postural alignment problems. That’s where your Perth physiotherapist can help.

Perth Physiotherapy for Chronic Headaches

Pain In the Neck Is a Major Headache

Chronic migraines are rarely an isolated symptom. Most migraine patients also complain of neck, shoulder and even back pain. In some cases, the headaches are a side effect of an. Your physio can create a treatment plan that addresses the injury whilst mitigating headache pain.

Assessing the Situation

Your first physiotherapist appointment will include an assessment and a discussion with your physio. This will help determine what type of headache you have. Questions might include:

  • Other muscle aches
  • Your occupation
  • Your workout styles

Finding the Roots of the Problem

Your answers help your physio identify the roots of your headaches, and identify any possible connections. For example:

  • Facial muscle spasms
  • Improper postural alignment
  • Tension between your shoulder blades

Treating Chronic Headaches With Physiotherapy

Your treatment will depend on the type of headache you are suffering from. Examples include:

  • Application of heat
  • Applications of ice
  • Stretching
  • Spinal manipulation
  • Postural education

Lifestyle Changes

Your physiotherapìst might also suggest changes in your workouts, workpace habits, and the manner in which you perform your household chores. He or she might suggest changes to your sleeping position, as well as your work desk set-up.  A specialized, at home exercise program will help you alleviate pain on a daily basis.

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Headaches

Treating chronic headaches with physiotherapy offers benefits beyond just getting rid of aching or throbbing in one’s head. It can help`you improve your overall joint mobility, whilst strengthening the muscles in the upper back and neck. These mobility and postural changes will reduce the likelihood of chronic headaches. Even better, they will help you achieve efficiency in all of your daily activities.  Cleared of chronic headaches, your brain function improves, and you can enjoy the type of  lifestyle that  makes you happy.

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