Are you feeling stiff, sore, pain, tension or experiencing headaches? Then you may need our remedial or sports massage service available in Perth. Our therapists are second to none and have the experience and industry knowledge to ensure you’re feeling great again. They were all qualified physiotherapists in their home country and you can count on them to provide great pain relief and relaxation from tight, stressed muscles.

A massage service you can trust

You can be very confident with the team at our North Perth, Mount Lawley and Leederville clinics. Rest assured that you’ll receive nothing short of exceptional service and quality care. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – either love it or it’s free!

Our services include:

Benefits of Sports massage

Massaging has many benefits on both a physical and physiological level. It can help stretch tissue that could not be stretched in the normal fashion. It can also help release pressure build up and unwanted tension around muscles. By helping pores in the tissue membrane to open, deep massage helps encourage the flow of blood and nutrients through the body. This can also help break down scar tissue from previous injuries which has since become resistant to stretching.

A comprehensive array of services

Our clinics aim to offer a complete range of health and fitness services including sports physiotherapy and reformer Pilates. So whether you are seeking a dedicated program to lose weight and develop a healthier lifestyle with the assistance of a personal trainer, or are recovering from an injury, we can help.

For more information on our sports and remedial massage service available within Perth, call us today on 9444 8729.