How To Rewire Yourself Out of Chronic Low Back Pain

Each year, at Happy Physio in Perth, we successfully treat hundreds of people who suffer from chronic low back pain.

I absolutely love helping people who suffer from chronic low back pain move:

  • from justified anxiety, frustration and anger to healthy and happy
  • from being trapped by debilitating pain affecting all aspects of life to pain free
  • from having limited answers to feeling in control of their journey
  • from failed treatments and surgeries to following a proven pathway back to functional freedom
  • from losing control over a disabling problem to regaining control of your health
  • from feeling vulnerable in the medical world to fully equipped with the latest research and facts

Chronic low back pain is complex in many ways, but also very simple after thousands of hours of experience and learnings. There are a few key types of chronic low back pain, but they all undertake a process of cementing pain pathways.

One of the first steps I always take with each client who has been suffering from chronic low back pain is educating them on how pain works.

Pain exists in learned neural pathways – the same as neural pathways are laid down when learning to ride a bike, shoot a basketball, or hit a golf ball. The process of rewiring yourself out of chronic low back pain includes detaching from the pain pathways and creating more functional ones. Your nervous system memorises your pain pathways and the pain can get triggered or aggravated by mere thoughts as it progresses. Even after the body has healed itself the pain pathways can still be getting triggered and also fire up more. It’s like learning how to ride a bike, once you have learned to ride a bike, you can always jump on a bike without too much effort – the learned pathways activate when getting triggered or woken up by jumping on a bike.

Recent research has also highlighted that pain can be created by the brain, which is identical to the pain of a physical injury.

What are some of the causes that trigger pain pathways in people who suffer from chronic low back pain?

  • habitual thoughts and emotions linked to those pain pathways – the most common I detect include anxiety, fear, anger, and frustration – irritating tissues undetectably through inflammation caused by chemical irritation (not mechanical)
  • inability to manage different emotions and stressors
  • lack of sleep – less than 7 hours generally fires up the nervous system and not so healthy thoughts
  • poor nutrition which creates an internal acidic and toxic environment
  • sustained and repetitive poor postures
  • lack of postural strength and conditioning

Many clients who suffer from chronic low back pain usually come to me after “trying” everything. Using the Happy Physio Method, the only clients who do not get better are those who are non-compliant with our program or continue to make poor decisions whilst frustrated or angry (the emotions are 100% justified, but do not help eliminate their pain – actually it does the opposite).

Using the Happy Physio Method with clients who suffer from chronic low back pain, I commonly get remarks like ‘this isn’t physiotherapy’ or ‘I have never had this type of physiotherapy before’. Some clients call me their ‘back pain coach’, ‘life changing coach’, and ‘trusted health advisor’. The Happy Physio Method empowers clients with success tools and the practitioner is simply a co-pilot who ultimately leaves the client flying by themselves at some point after mastering the right skills and balance of the mind/body complex.

If you suffer from chronic low back pain and want to get your life back on track – call us today and book in for an Initial Consultation (ideally 1 hour if it is available) – simply call 94448729 now.

I am extremely grateful to be in a privileged position of helping people with chronic low back pain move forward in their lives.

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Dedicated to Your Life Success,

Scott Wescombe

Author, Physiotherapist, Strategic Coach, Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor

BSc Physio (1st Class Hons), BSc Exercise & Sports Science

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