Best Massage for Your Health – Trigger Point Myotherapy

A Trigger point is a spot within a taut band of muscle. It triggers pain or weakness and restriction in locations distance from the trigger point. It is a spot in the skeletal muscles that are associated with palpable nodules. The trigger point model states that, the starting of the pains increases from these points to broader areas. It has been determined by the practitioners that, the referred pain patterns get introduced from one location but their trigger points are somewhere else. For example, the trigger points in neck muscles can cause headaches. Trigger points in the neck or shoulder muscles can be the reason of arm pain. Each muscle has its own characteristic pain pattern which develops to a different location.

History Of Myotherapy

Myotherapy is a form of manual therapy. It is also called Trigger point myotherapy which literally means muscle therapy. Bonnie Pruden has originated the term who uses it to describe a particular type of trigger point therapy. She has developed the therapy in the 1970s based on the research of Drs Travell and Simons. These two persons conducted extensive research into the cause and treatment of pain arising from trigger points. Musculoskeletal pain and associated pathologies focus on this therapy by doing an assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. Myotherapy has become a beneficial health discipline which is practiced in many countries across the world. Other than relaxing the trigger points, Myotherapy also targets on soft tissue massage, muscle energy technique, dry needling, joint mobilization etc.

Trigger Point Myotherapy and How It Works

Trigger point myotherapy is a non-invasive therapeutic program that involves the stimulation and manipulation of various trigger points across the body. This stimulation will help to get relief from pain and soreness. It is also known as neuromuscular therapy or massage therapy. This therapy consists alternating levels of concentrated pressure on the areas of muscle spasm. The goal of the therapy is to recover the patient to a normal or as normal level as possible. The patient will lie on the massage table fully clothed. The therapist checks the whole body to seek the presence of trigger points. Once detected, pressure on the muscle areas are applied with fingers, knuckles or elbows in 10-30 second interval. This pressure and massage produce initial soreness in muscle tissue. It releases the accumulated tension and knots in the muscles. A systemized approach is followed in this technique consisting of trigger point ischemic compression, myo-massage, passive stretch and a corrective exercise program. Pain reduction in addition to increased range of motion and strength will be measured to determine the success of the therapy.

The trigger point myotherapist requires a medical clearance and supported by a state licensed medical doctor, chiropractor or dentist when starting a course with the patient. This information will protect the patient from delayed diagnosis and overlapped treatment by ensuring the best result in the least amount of time. According to the positive report given by the patients of trigger point myotherapy, it helps to ease sore muscles and alleviate the pain in the trigger points. Over-stressed muscles, reduced mobility and range of motion, nervousness, reduced flexibility, poor circulation and other chronic conditions has been properly cured by trigger point myotherapy.

A healthy body in a pain-free state is the target of trigger point myotherapy.

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