The Benefits of Reformer Pilates in Perth and Why You Should Start

If you’re not familiar with Reformer Pilates in Perth yet, you might find wonder what a bed with springs, sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys is doing in a Physio Pilates studio. To some people, it might look like a torture apparatus. But worry not. It’s actually an exercise apparatus designed not to torture you, but to challenge you in an awesome way!

What is Reformer Pilates?

First of all, Pilates (in which the name is derived from its founder, Joseph Pilates), is a form of anaerobic exercise that promotes centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow. This exercise can be done on a mat or a Reformer.

Technically, Reformer Pilates is Pilates exercise done on a – you guessed it right – Reformer. It is the apparatus that resembles a bed with pulleys designed to provide resistance during exercise. The Reformer provides various levels of intensity, making it an incredibly versatile piece of equipment to use either as a workout or a rehab tool.


Why Should You Start Reformer Pilates in Perth?

If you’re already familiar with mat Pilates, the benefits of Reformer Pilates in Perth are a lot more than that. Just like its mat counterpart, it can improve your overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, which in turn can lead to daily life improvements because you’re able to develop better posture, efficient movement, pain relief, as well as injury prevention. However, Reformer Pilates offers more.


Here are some of the amazing benefits Reformer Pilates has to offer:

Achieve Lean and Strong Body

Reformer Pilates helps you build long, lean strong muscles as you control every movement. You can pull or push against spring tension and the return or close of the springs. You’re able to work through the maximum length of your muscle to build strength and power without bulking up. (Think bodybuilders. Yes, not that type)

Pregnant Women Can Do It Too

Reformer Pilates is an excellent workout during pregnancy. It incorporates core, pelvic floor and posture exercises, making you well-prepared for childbirth. Doing Pilates during pregnancy will help you recover after you give birth. Aside from that, you can restore your former body shape more easily.

It Can Make You Flexible

Your muscles and connective tissues get toned when you do Reformer Pilates. The Reformer engages your muscles through a full range of motion, giving every muscle fiber a nice, good stretch. Stretching reduces stress and strain to the joints, muscles and connective tissues. Having flexible muscles makes any exercise more effective. Also you’re less likely to experience soreness and stiffness, which can quicken your recovery.

It Strengthens Your Core

Exercising on the Reformer requires proper form and technique. Proper positioning focuses within your core. Reformer Pilates conditions your core muscles and your core muscles will contract with all the movements you do while you’re on the equipment. This will make your spine aligned and stabilized. Having a strong core makes you able to generate power to your muscles and reduce risk of getting injured.

Your Posture Becomes Better

Because Reformer Pilates strengthens your core, your core muscles will keep you balanced throughout the movements. As a result, you’ll have more stable body and better posture and alignment. (Just imagine wearing an internal corset)

It Improves Your Breathing

All Pilates workouts emphasise proper breathing. Pilates teaches you lateral breathing, in which you practice deep and less frequent breathing. Improved breathing increases your lung capacity and breathing efficiency during workouts and at rest. Because you’re able to breathe properly, your lungs become more effective in supplying oxygen to your body during workouts. This helps increase your energy levels whether you’re active or at rest.

It Helps You Keep a Steady Focus

Reformer Pilates trains your vestibular system. The vestibular system plays a huge role in many postural and oculomotor functions. It works with other sensorimotor systems in the body, such as visual system and skeletal system, to help you maintain your body position at rest or in motion. You also keep a steady focus on objects even if you change your body position.

Is Reformer Pilates for Everyone?

Yes! Everyone can do Reformer Pilates. People of all ages, fitness levels and body conditions can benefit from it. Reformer Pilates is popular with people whose work requires a lot of physical activity such as dancers, gymnasts and athletes but it equally suits people of any age. (Did you know that newborns can participate too?)


Absolutely, Reformer Pilates in Perth is so incredible that its exercises can be tailored to suit each person’s conditions and needs.

Want to Get Started with Reformer Pilates in Perth?


Don’t be intimidated by the looks of the Reformer. It ain’t a medieval torture device (leave it in the past). It’s actually one of the most effective physical fitness tools in history!


If you’re interested in learning more about what Reformer Pilates in Perth can do for you, or you want to give it a try, give us a call at 9444 8729!