8 Ways to Fight Knee Pain

Our knees play a huge role in most of our regular activities. Every day, we walk, climb stairs, and bend our knees while sitting and standing up.


But our knee joint is complicated and carries most of our bodyweight. So just imagine how vulnerable they are to injury.


If you experience knee pain, you’re not alone. While knee pain is common, there are several ways to ease the pain. Here are some of them:

1. Take Fish Oil

In many athletic activities, muscle pain is common due to knee joint flexion and the use of quadriceps. Consuming fish oil can help reduce pain. In a 2009 issue of Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine, the omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil was shown to relieve pain within 48 hours of exercise. The study suggests that fish oil can reduce delayed-onset pain in muscles around the knees.

2. Walk More

Walking is important to keep cartilage healthy. If you know you’re at risk for osteoarthritis, walk at least 1,000 steps daily. This will keep your cartilage moving and your joint healthy and limber.

3. Maintain Healthy Weight

In the 2005 study in Arthritis and Rheumatism involving overweight and obese adults, it was found that losing one pound of weight resulted in four pounds of pressure being lifted from the knees. Just imagine how much pounds of pressure you can lift if you lose 10 pounds.

Aside from removing excess pressure, maintaining healthy weight lessens inflammation. Fat creates and releases pro-inflammatory chemicals that promote pain.

4. Choose Low-Impact Exercises

An active lifestyle can help keep knee pain at bay and slow down the progress of future problems. If you have knee pain, it can be hard to participate in high-impact exercises because they can damage knee joints and cause severe pain.  Low-impact exercises can help keep you fit and mobile without hurting your knees. Examples of low-impact exercises are water-based exercises, cycling, reformer pilates, yoga and walking.

5. Strengthen Your Core Muscles

Weak core causes your hips to move forward, creating poor body alignment. If your body is aligned poorly, your knees may also suffer. Strengthening your core helps keep your back in a neutral position and aligns your body well. Your knees are in their right position and have less stress to carry. (Tip: Join our Reformer Pilates classes in Perth)

6. Get Enough Rest and Relaxation

Sure, physical activity is important, but you need rest and relaxation too. It can go a long way to promote good health. Keep in mind though that it’s not a good idea to rest too much. Otherwise, your knees may weaken further.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Poor sleep can worsen knee pain. According to a study in the Journal of Pain, the way your brain processes pain is affected by disrupted sleep, increasing your sensitivity to pain.

8. Visit Your Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is effective in treating knee pain. It involves treatment using exercises, massage, movement, and heat. A physiotherapist will develop an exercise and movement program that suits well to your ability. The exercises will help improve joint mobility, reduce pain, and strengthen the muscles around your knee joint.

The goal of treatment is to eliminate your knee pain and restore full function of your leg, as well as avoid future pain and injuries.


If you need treatment for knee pain in Perth, we can help. Talk to any of our physiotherapists at 9444 8729!