7 Reasons Why You Might Love Barre Workouts

Barre workouts incorporate movements from ballet, Pilates and yoga. Its main prop, the barre, is a handrail used to balance while performing exercises. Other tools used in barre workouts are weights, balls, loop bands, and gliders.


Barre movements may look graceful, but there’s more into this ballet-inspired workout that might benefit your body. Here are some reasons why you might love barre:

1. Great Core Exercise

Your core is your base of strength. Every movement you do comes from your core. Like Pilates, barre trains your core muscles because you are supposed to keep them tight throughout the workout. You’ll learn a variety of moves to engage different core muscles and develop a good core routine.

2. Build Lean Muscles

Barre exercises strengthen your body. It is also an amazing way to tone your body and sculpt your muscles. In Barre, you use small weights as you perform lengthening movements. Therefore, you’re building long lean muscles.

3. Improves Flexibility

Stretching is the main movement of barre workouts. Your muscles lengthen and you get a good balance and alignment. You don’t need a dancer’s flexibility to be able to perform barre workouts. Barre classes focus on strength and flexibility, rather than just pumping iron.

4. They are Low Impact

Barre workouts are a great way to strengthen your muscles without damaging your joints. The movements are simple and are designed to work on your specific muscles. They don’t put stress on your joints such as your knees and back.

5. Time-Efficient Full Body Workout

So you don’t have enough time for leg day on Tuesday and arm day on Thursday? How about attending barre class? Just an hour of barre class works your body from head to toe.


Barre challenges multiple areas of your body – thighs, abdominals, shoulders, and even that stubborn part of your butt. Behind the grace of barre is a challenging workout. You’ll feel exhausted in a positive way. That’s because it’s giving you an ultimate full body workout in less time.

6. It’s Great for All Levels and Ages

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, you can see and experience the benefits of performing barre workouts. Barre instructors can help everyone perform at their own level and perfect their form, which makes a barre studio a great place to see progress from time to time.


Barre workouts can be tailored according to your strengths, weaknesses and flexibility level. It is very specific that it can also be modified for individuals who are pregnant, injured and even those who are in advanced levels!

7. A Mind-Body Connection Workout

Feel that your thoughts are starting to fly somewhere?


Barre fitness is not just about working your muscles out. It is also about focusing your thoughts on each and every tiny muscle you’re working. Your instructor will provide step-by-step instructions on how you should position your body while providing hands-on corrections to fix any misalignments.


Barre workouts are for everyone, not just ballerinas and aspiring ballerinas. So if you haven’t tried barre yet, go ahead and join our barre class!