6 Basic Barre Techniques You Should Know

Thinking of joining barre classes in Perth lately? Learning the basics before jumping in can be a lot helpful. After all, you don’t want to go on a battlefield without some weapons!

Well, except that you’re not going to a war and you won’t be fighting either.

Here, we’ll share you some basic barre techniques you’ll most probably be doing in a barre class. This is where you’ll learn to maintain proper technique so that you’ll get the full benefit of each workout.

1. Standing

Sounds easy, right? Not really. Here’s why.

This technique always requires you to keep your spine perfectly aligned, no matter what movement you’re performing. Your abdominal muscles should be “tucking” and holding your tailbone in, so that your back isn’t arched in a curve.

And of course you need to keep your feet parallel, pull your belly button, roll your shoulders back and down, and ensure you keep a perfect posture from head to toe.

2. Jumping

Another easy technique (or maybe not) you’ll be doing in a barre class.

So what makes this challenging?

Silence. This is something you always need to keep in mind. When a barre exercise involves jumping or hopping, you should aim to make absolutely zero ‘thumping’ noise when you land on the floor.

So how to do it? With grace.

To land softly, keep your heels slightly raised, engaging your calf, ankle and foot muscles every time you land. And also, don’t lock your knees.

3. Turnout

Turnout is when you rotate your legs so that your feet point outwards to opposite corners. This means it’s not just your feet that do the working. It’s the entire legs. Here, you’ll have to engage your thighs and glutes.

Your knees should be facing the same direction as your toes. You don’t want to put the weight on the inside of your feet. It’ll harm your knees in the long run. Instead, keep your weight evenly distributed across the bottom of each foot.

4.  Placement of Legs and Toes

Anytime you lift your leg or foot off the floor, keep your knee straight and your toes pointed. You should be working your calves and ankles to point your toes. Always.

5. Plié

Plié is when you bend your knees and lower yourself slightly towards the floor. This technique is similar to a squat, except that your legs are facing in an opposite direction.

There is also what we call “grand plié” where you should bend deeper and you slowly lift your heels as you lower yourself. Here, your thighs make contact with your calves.

6. Relevé

Relevé means engaging your calves and raising yourself up onto the balls of your feet. Your heels are lifted off the floor. Usually, your legs should be kept straight unless otherwise instructed.

Before lowering down, make sure to engage your thighs and glutes. From tippy toe stand, lower your heels back to the floor.

Familiarise yourself with these barre techniques if you’re looking to join barre classes in Perth. Chances are you’ll be doing these more often in a barre class.

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