5 Myths About Physiotherapy

The transformative effect that physiotherapy can have in your daily life is experienced by many people today. Experts who are qualified in the science of how the body should move, are helping people from all age groups and conditions, in minimizing pain, improving mobility, and in staying active throughout their lives. Though the benefits are very evident, there are many myths that sprout skepticism about physiotherapy. These myths discourage people and prevent them from visiting a physiotherapist even though it could benefit them massively.

  1. Physiotherapy is painful.

If you’ve been to a physiotherapist before, you would know that this is a myth already. But for most people, who have never been to a physiotherapist in their life, believe that it is a tedious course of pain. In fact, physiotherapy is meant for the exact opposite – which is to give you the least amount of discomfort and pain, whilst helping you heal and perform.

  1. Anyone in healthcare can perform physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists are certified professionals who are trained to give patients the best possible results. Many physiotherapists pursue certifications in specific areas such as orthopedics, women’s health, sports or neurology. As it’s a very broad subject that needs specialized skillsets, physiotherapy cannot be performed by just anyone.

  1. I have no option but surgery.

From treating degenerative disc disease, rotator cuff tears, forms of knee osteoarthritis to meniscal tears, physiotherapy has proven to be as effective as surgery. Therefore having surgery is not your only option. Consult a physiotherapist and you could be glad to have made that choice in the long run.

  1. I can do it myself.

As a patient you need an expert’s attention. There is nothing better than to have someone who knows what they are doing, to help you in getting your physiotherapy sessions right. An expert will always refer to his or her education, clinical training and expertise to give you the exact treatment that you need, and guide you to achieving the best results as fast as possible. Your participation is crucial to getting the therapy right, but handling it yourself is not the wisest choice.

  1. It’s not for me – I don’t have an injury nor have I met with an accident.

Visiting a physiotherapist could prevent you from serious problems that could lead to serious injuries in the future. From chronic headaches, frozen shoulder, lower back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome, a physiotherapist can evaluate and diagnose you before it is too late.