4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Pilates

Pilates Physio in Perth: For some, Pilates is an activity that they can do with friends, enjoying physical activity while engaging in social activity. For others, Pilates is a means of healing — a clinical intervention. When seeking Pilates physio in Perth, you will benefit in so many ways — here are four reasons to fall in love with Pilates.


Here’s What Pilates Physio in Perth Can Do For You


While working with a professional physiotherapist, you will properly address problematic areas. Whether you need to improve your range of motion, support rehabilitation, or you would like to take a proactive approach against injury, Pilates is a well-rounded solution.


By incorporating core principles, such as control and breathing, you will be able to improve your health and overall quality of life. If you have tried Pilates before and did not feel as though it was beneficial, you probably were not effectively executing each principle, which is why professional supervision is highly recommended.


Here’s Why You Need to Try Pilates Physio


It’s easier to love something that makes you feel good, and with Pilates, that’s exactly what you’ll experience. As you learn to control your posture and incorporate relaxed breathing, you will wonder why you didn’t begin participating sooner. When it comes to why you should love Pilates, these four reasons are just the beginning.


  1. Improve your core stability


In order to build a strong core, you need to do more than a few crunches after work. Pilates is the perfect way to strengthen your core stability, leading to everything from improved posture to reduced back pain, as well as greater organ support. In turn, individuals also experience a more toned body.


Within a 2015 study, published in the Journal of Fitness Research, it was found that after 12 weeks, Pilates did improve core stability. This is the basis of ‘centring’ — as your body achieves a more neutral spine, activating your core stabilising muscles. In turn, your organs, lower back, and pelvis receive greater support.


  1. Achieve enhanced breathing control


The benefits of greater breathing control are well-documented, ranging from reduced stress to improved focus. Pilates physio in Perth helps you re-train your ability to breathe, ensuring you have greater control and enhanced concentration. In turn, you will maximise your blood oxygen levels.


Within one study, published in the Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy, it was found that Pilates breathing techniques, increased respiratory volumes, boosting oxygenation in both healthy individuals and COPD patients. Deep breathing is one of the easiest ways to internally cleanse your body, helping you heal more naturally.


  1. Prevent injuries


The very best approach you can take for both your health and overall level of functioning, is to be proactive. Improving strength and agility will help you avoid injuries caused by muscle imbalances and poor flexibility. Pilates physio in Perth can help you break poor or incorrect movement patterns, reducing overall risk.


Within a recent study, published in the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, it was found that a Pilates exercise program improved flexibility and pelvic control, helping prevent musculoskeletal injury. If you have already experienced an injury, Pilates can also help you rehabilitate more rapidly, without relying on more invasive treatment options.


  1. Improve balance


Achieving optimal balance does more than help you walk in a straight line — your ability to achieve controlled balance will allow you to achieve smoother movements. As your balance improves, so does your neuromuscular coordination, helping your muscles communicate with your brain more effectively.


Within another 2015 study, published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, participants performed two sessions of Pilates, over the course of 12 weeks. It was found that Pilates exercises led to improved postural balance, as well as improved health-related quality of life.


As you learn various techniques, understanding the core principles of Pilates, you will find that each session becomes easier and more rewarding. Pilates physio in Perth is the perfect way to address your health — helping you maintain a healthy weight, as you improve all aspects of your well-being.


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