3 Reasons You Should See a Physiotherapist When You’re Pregnant

There’s nothing quite like the excitement associated with a positive pregnancy test — that moment you know you’ll be bringing life into this world. Then it hits you — you’re pregnant, which means you will be quickly experiencing everything that goes along with it. I know it was very surreal from my wife earlier this year.


In nine months, you will experience joy and excitement unlike any other, but until then, a combination of pain and discomfort are to be expected. In order to combat back pain, while reducing complications, pregnancy physio in Perth can benefit you in the following ways.


3 Reasons to Seek Pregnancy Physio in Perth


Each pregnancy is a highly personal experience, but one thing is for sure, this event causes significant and lasting effects on the human body. There’s a reason why the ‘pregnancy waddle’ is so well-known — late in pregnancy, walking, standing, and even sitting can be become challenging.


From addressing pain to improving overall well-being, a physiotherapist is the perfect addition to your pregnancy dream team. If you are currently pregnant or are planning to have children, here are key reasons why pregnancy physio in Perth should be considered throughout your pregnancy, as well as after you give birth.


  1. Address Aches and Pains


Experts state that anywhere from 24 to 90 percent of women experience low back or pelvis pain throughout their pregnancy. Although this pain tends to go away for most women once the baby is born, more than a third of women continue to experience pain one year after birth.


Within an Australian study, 71 percent of pregnant women experienced pregnancy-related low back pain, yet only 25 percent received treatment. Far too many women accept this pain as ‘normal’ discomfort, but this is not the case — you can reduce associated pain through physiotherapy.


By addressing lifting techniques, implementing simple exercises, using heat and cold, promoting rest, and offering massage, a physiotherapist can help you self-manage your pain and eliminate it. After a personalised assessment, a treatment plan can be created to address your individual needs. That way, between sessions, you can continually improve your symptoms.


  1. Reduce the Likelihood of Injury


Unfortunately, back and musculoskeletal injuries are not uncommon during and after pregnancy. As women gain weight and their body’s undergo changes, soft tissue and muscle mass are often affected. When taking part in physiotherapy, you can essentially increase flexibility and strengthen muscles in preparation for delivery.


Prolonged pushing, for instance, can lead to nerve injury. When taking part in a physiotherapy exercise program, pushing ability can improve, reducing the risk of complications. While working with a physiotherapist, you will ensure that your body is aligned and ready to both carry and deliver a baby. Of course, this is every expecting mother’s main concern — the well-being of her child.


  1. Improving Breathing and Posture


As mentioned, pregnant women often ‘waddle,’ as their centre of gravity shifts. In turn, this increases the curvature of your spine. Not only will this affect pain levels, but also your posture. If you seek pregnancy physio in Perth, you can essentially improve posture and balance, resulting in less pain. It’s a win-win situation.


During pregnancy, numerous changes within the respiratory system can also affect both the mother and fetus. Within one study, published in Physical Treatments, it was found that breathing exercises modified and improved breathing patterns in pregnant women, benefiting both fetal and maternal health.


When pregnant, a woman’s diaphragm is pushed upwards, reducing its ability to descend. Breathing exercises in conjunction with an exercise program, can essentially help individuals retrain their diaphragm. Pregnancy physio in Perth will address this concern, while strengthening core muscles.


Whether you are two weeks or four months pregnant, it’s important to ensure the smoothest, safest, most comfortable experience. Pregnancy physio in Perth can not only help you physically, but also put your mind to rest mentally. Being pregnant is a magical and life changing experience — you’re meant to enjoy it, and with the help of a physiotherapist, this is most certainly possible.


My wife attends 1 on 1 pregnancy Pilates three times per week with our outstanding physiotherapists at Happy Physio, and it certainly makes my life better when she is happy (and not in unnecessary pain).


If you are pregnant, now is the time to invest in yourself. Call us on 94448729 to get started this week!