Reformer Pilates

Time to get better core strength, flexibility, tone, and lose a bit of weight? Are you ready to achieve a better posture (static and dynamic) that helps you prevent pain and injuries?

Reformer Pilates is now one of the leading methods of fitness training and injury rehabilitation. It’s not only great for improving your general fitness levels, but it also strengthens the muscles and encourages toning.

We offer Reformer Pilates in 1 on 1 and group class format.

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Our 1 on 1 clinical Pilates sessions are individually tailored to you

The 1 on 1 Pilates sessions you will receive are with a qualified physiotherapist or exercise physiologist and are custom made to suit your body type and goals.
At Happy Physio we deliver over 250 one on one clinical Pilates sessions to the Northern Perth community every single week 🙂 This makes us the most popular service not only in Perth, but all of Australia!!

How can Reformer Pilates help you?

Private Health Cover Rebates

All 1 on 1 Reformer Pilates Perth sessions are delivered by a qualified health professional – therefore you have the ability to claim back with your private health care if you have cover. All Pilates sessions are performed with a trained Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist.

Group Classes

We offer over 30 Reformer and mat Pilates classes at our  Mount Lawley studio 6 days per week.

For more information on our group classes – click here.

Interested in our other services?

Happy Physio offers a suite of health and fitness services beyond our clinical Pilates available in North Perth, Mount Lawley and Leederville. These services include, remedial massages and sports physiotherapy. We strive to genuinely change people’s lives for the better inspiring positive change and a healthier lifestyle. Our teams consist of various professionals to help you reach these goals, including our highly qualified personal trainers.

Whether for health, fitness or recovery, we’re here to help. Call us today on 9272 7359