Want better core strength, flexibility, tone, and healthy weight loss? We can help!

If you are a beginner or looking to get started – claim your FREE Pilates Body Assessment now. It’s free because our aim is to build a long term relationship with you, and the first step for us is to give first and delight second,

Our Classes include:

Reformer Pilates

If long lean muscles, enhanced flexibility & good posture is what you are looking to achieve then this is the class for you!  This 45 minute class works out your full body leaving you feeling energised & light. Reformer Pilates is our most popular class for all ages and exercise levels.
Suitable for pre and post natal, please let us know prior to class.

Functional Training

Functional Training is a general term for our strength & conditioning workouts.  We use a variety of equipment such as TRX/Rip 60, Super Functional Bars, Kettlebells, boxing, UFO’s, aerial slings and more. Our Classes aren’t designed to be your usual weights & cardio classes – we use our state of the art functional training frame to ensure you are given a workout that you won’t find anywhere else in Perth!


Barre…. if you are thinking of slow and boring think again! Our Barre classes are fitness based using a combination of ballet, Pilates & movement styles.  You will feel the burn & you will sweat! Our barre classes are choreographed to tone and sculpt your whole body. We offer exercises in our barre classes that can be easily adapted for beginners, pre & post natal and those with an injury.

Mat Pilates

The original form of Pilates created by the man Joseph Pilates himself. Classes are 45 minutes which allows for a full body toning workout. Benefits include increased mobility to enable you to go about your daily life with ease, Increased energy & good posture. Walk tall & be confident.  Classes emphasise the foundational principals of Pilates while offering modifications and variations to suit each client individual needs. No experience is necessary, just come along and enjoy this class! All Mat Pilates classes are suitable for pre and post natal.

Mums & Bubs Pilates

This class aims to strengthen the core muscles weakened by pregnancy, as well as the back & pelvic floor. A full body workout will ensure that you gain strength in aiding daily activities such as lifting your baby in and out of the cot or carrying the baby capsule. Join with other mums to regain your strength, realign your spine and pelvis & have a fun workout. Whist mummy is exercising, babies may lie on the mat next to you, be involved in some of the exercises, or socialise with the other babies!

Pregnancy Pilates

We welcome Mums to be into our studio. Pregnancy Pilates is a safe, challenging Pilates experience that will help prepare and strengthen your body and mind for your birth experience and assist in a quicker recovery. The classes are designed to help your body cope with the ever changing requirements of your developing pregnancy whilst providing you with a dynamic and effective workout.

Trim and Tone

Trim and Tone is a high energy and fun class in which you perform a range of moves with the aim to trim you down and tone you up! No matter what your age, ability or experience trim and tone is an inclusive activity suitable for everyone. Our upbeat classes will ensure you are boosting your fitness, getting a top workout, and having a great time with encouraging instructors!

Pop-Up Class

Come prepared for a mixture of all of our classes!  It could be a combination of boxing, stretching, Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Rip 60, super functional training, you name it – it could just POP-UP!  If you are looking for variety in your weekly routine, this class is a must!  Guaranteed to get a bit sweaty and have some good laughs with other participants.

Stretch & Flex

This specifically designed stretching and flexibility class improves posture, mobility & flexibility. These classes are great for everyone – we all need to stretch out our wonderful bodies more & give our muscles some tender loving care.


We offer Vinyasa Yoga at our studios for a desired balance of flexibility & strength. Not a yogi?  That’s okay!  All of our classes are suitable for beginners as well as the advanced. We recommend incorporating 1-2 yoga classes into your schedule each week for optimum muscular balance.